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This Special Offer is for a Vehicle Magnet (600mm x 300mm), this size is generally standard and should fit most vehicle's doors*.


Magnets are a temporary way of advertising on your vehicles. They are often used on vehicles that are not used for business purposes on the weekends, for you can easily remove and replace them at any time.


Magnets can be used on any type of vehicle and provided they are removed each fortnight and both surfaces are cleaned (the vehicle and the magnet), they can be used for several years without doing any damage to the vehicle.


Magnets are great temporary signage that can be easily removed when not needed.


*For other sized Magnets, please click on the 'Get a Quote Today' button and request a quote specifying what sized Magnet you are after. *After you complete your purchase please email us if you want it delivered to another address for your own application or our Christchurch warehouse.

Vehicle Magnet (600mm x 300mm)

Excluding Sales Tax
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