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Remax Wrap is the perfect way to instantly change your car’s appearance! Our products offer an easy and affordable way to ride from drab to fab. With Remax Wrap, you can transform the entire look of your car in a matter of minutes without the cost and inconvenience of traditional bodywork. It's removable, so if you decide you don't like it, you can switch back in no time. Plus, wraps are now available for parts of vehicles, not just full-body wraps. This means that you can choose to highlight certain areas of your ride with amazing visuals including the bottom sills. Go ahead – customize it as much or as little as you'd like; let’s get creative! 

We know that a great wrap needs quality installation too! That’s why we recommend our professional Workshop Install option whenever possible. As part of this service, an experienced technician will install your wrap before taking away all the excess materials safely and quickly. The precise installation guarantees long-lasting results and optimum aesthetics every single time! 

Make this season count; upgrade your ride to a Remax Wrap today! Revolutionary graphics applied without compromising on quality – what more could you ask for? Take advantage of this hassle-free solution; get ready to turn heads everywhere you go!

First car in visuals, including the bottom sills 

Sell for $572 + gst 

First car in visuals, including the bottom sills

Excluding Sales Tax
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