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ABC Sponsorships!

Since our founding in 1999, we at abc Group have always been supporting local groups and worthy causes in our community through sponsorships, here are some of the organizations we sponsor annually:

Rugby Auckland:

"Since 2014 ABC Group has sponsored a player every year in the Auckland provincial rugby team. We are proud to support Local. Plus we get to keep their Jerseys.

See the link to our website on the Auckland rugby website above."

Breast Cancer Cure:

"Brest Cancer Cure is a very big part of ABC Group's sponsorship drives. We supply promotional material such as Banners and Publications for their fundraising efforts."

Blues Family Foundation

"The Blues Family Foundation is a new foundation that provides leadership development within the Blues Rugby Franchise. Chairman John Heart has made a huge impression on ABC Group with his initiatives."

Cornwall Park School

"ABC Group has supplied signage and marketing material for Cornwall Park School's Gala day since 2009."

Golf Days

"ABC Group has sponsored far too many golf days | And No one at ABC plays golf | that is why we don't turn up | But we appreciate your business hence the sponsorship and acknowledgement given."

REINZ Auctioneering Championships

"Since as long as we can remember we have been Major Sponsors of this exciting event. Congratulations to the 2021 winners Connor Patton and Mark McGoldrick premier champions."

Harcourts Auctioneering Championships

"Yes, you can see a theme here, since 1999 ABC have been the major sponsor of this exciting event."

And More!

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