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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process take?


It will take about 3 to 7 working days in total from the time of ordering. The wrapping itself will only take half a day in most cases, however, the rest of the time is required for us to design and print the graphics so they are perfectly suited to your vehicle and your vision. We will always send a proof before printing for your approval. Depending on the scale of the job and the amount of design required this process can vary. If you provide us with already made designs then this can significantly speed up the process.


Can I get the graphics shipped to me?

Yes you can, but please let us know so we can adjust your order or quote to reflect this as we will not include the cost of installation in the total price if you want the graphics shipped to you, but there will be the cost of shipping instead.


How do I look after my Vehicle Graphics?

Please click here to check out our extensive advice around maintaining and caring for your vehicle graphics.

Can I replace my old and outdated Vehicle Graphics?

Yes, we can remove previous graphics for you and replace them with new graphics.

Can I have reflective Graphics?

Yes, we offer IllumiNITE High Visibility wraps which are highly reflective and make your car's graphics stand out even at night! Click here to read more about this exciting new material. If you would like us to wrap your vehicle with IllumiNITE High Visibility, please tick the box in the Quote Request Form or mention 'IllumiNITE' in your order details.

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