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Drive in style with our Quality
Vehicle Graphics Service

About Us

We offer you a way to stand out in the world, to advertise yourself on the go, to turn your vehicle into a massive mobile business card, to boost your brand awareness and to get the word out on your latest product. Or at the very least it'll be much easier to find your car in the parking lot after using Vehicle Graphics!

We have many different scales of graphics we can offer you. From simple vinyl lettering to full-scale wraps including one-way vision windows which really make a statement on the road, water, air or rail.

Our designers work with your vision so that whatever option you pick, your vehicle will be personalised in the way you want.

NZ Family Owned and Operated Since 1999.

Auckland and Christchurch Locations.


We know the Art of Vehicle Graphics.

Our Services
Copy of Graphic Detail Full Vehicle Wrap Rear_edited.png

Convert your vehicle into an eye-catching mobile billboard!

Full Vehicle Wrap

A full wrap is done by wrapping the majority of vehicles with vinyl prints, depending on the type of vehicle and the depth of the ridges on certain sections of the vehicle will determine which vinyl best suits to get the job done right.

Depending on the artwork you want and the colour of the vehicle, you can quite often blend the artwork to match the colour of the car into the artwork to limit the amount of print required on the vehicle. In some cases, the bumper bars, door trims and other plastic sections on the vehicle can be spray painted to match the artwork being used.

Remember with vehicle signage you need to look at what you're trying to sell.

Full Vehice Wrap

Partial Wrap

Partial wraps on vehicles are the most economical way to get visual impact on vehicle signage. By doing a major section on the vehicle whether the signage is on the top section or bottom section of the vehicle, it still has a large visual effect that gets your message across.

Special Offer!

Partial Wraps from just $320+GST


A more subtle option for visually advertising yourself while out and about.

Partial Wrap

You Design | We Print | You Go
Your Logo/Image + Cut Text Combo

This Special Offer allows you to design an image and some text and upload it to us Online Now! Then once you've ordered we'll process, print and install your graphics onto your vehicle all for just one low price!*

Note this includes both left and right sides of the vehicle wrapped.

From Just $288+GST

*Offer is for 2x(400mm x 400mm image box or circle) and 2x(700mm x 400mm cut text) 

Special Offer!
Vinyl Cut Lettering
Luxury Property Partial Wrap 1.JPG

The minimalist approach to advertising yourself on the go.

Vinyl Cut Lettering

Vinyl cut lettering is ideal for the tradespeople who simply want to get the point across – Business name, occupation/service you offer and phone number.


Vinyl cut lettering is often used on the side or back doors, rear tailgate and even on the side guards in some cases which lists all the products/services offered by your business.

600x300mm Magnet_edited.png


Magnets are a temporary way of advertising on your vehicles. They are often used on vehicles that are not used for business purposes on the weekends, for you can easily remove and replace them at any time.


Magnets can be used on any type of vehicle and provided they are removed each fortnight and both surfaces are cleaned (the vehicle and the magnet), they can be used for several years without doing any damage to the vehicle.

Temporary signage that can be easily removed when not needed.

Special Offer!

Door Magnets from just $65+GST



We can print custom stickers and they are a great way to personalise your vehicle. We can print your design or one of our in-house designers can help you realise your vision.

Check out our Sticker Service which you can design and order here online today!

Copy of Century 21 Partial Wrap 3_edited
HAR Brand_Standards_Master V18-109_edite

Make a real impression by decorating your company cars with Fleet Wraps by ABC Vehicle Graphics

Fleet Wraps

We have the capabilities to wrap entire fleets of company vehicles in a short space of time plus we offer special discounted prices for larger order sizes. All of the Vehicle Graphics options above are available for fleet-wide application jobs.

We can make your brand stand out on the road!

Special Offer!

Fleet Wraps are at a discounted rate!

Fleet Wraps
Classic Car Dashboard_edited.jpg

Find out more about what's going on at abc Vehicle Graphics by reading our blogs!


Vehicle Signage Care

Prolong the life of your vehicle signage by following a few important steps:


  • The vinyl needs time to set and mould to your vehicle. You may notice some small bubbles or creases in the vinyl. This is normal, and they will disappear in a week or so as the vinyl sets itself in place.

  • You should avoid washing your vehicle for at least the first two weeks. After this time, you can hand wash the vehicle. Do not use high-pressure hoses (like the ones at commercial car washes). This will cause the vinyl to lift and peel.

  • Be aware that some companies that advertise "Hand Car Washing" actually use pressure hoses.

  • When washing your car, make sure you use a standard car washing detergent, as contact with harsh chemicals could affect the vinyl.

  • One-way vision or signage on the back window: if you have a wiper on the back window, the more you use the wiper, the more chance it will affect the signage.

  • Wash Regularly. Wash whenever the car appears dirty. Contaminants allowed to remain on the graphic may be more difficult to remove during cleaning. Rinse off as much dirt and grit as possible with a spray of water. Use a wet, non-abrasive detergent Wash and a soft, clean cloth or sponge. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. To reduce water spotting, immediately use a silicone squeegee to remove water and finish with a clean microfiber cloth.

  • We do not recommend using wax or other similar coatings on vehicle graphics.

  • Vinyl wraps may be run through car washes. Touchless car washes are the best for graphic care. Use of brush car washes (depending upon the frequency and quality of brush) may cause dulling/scratching/lifting edge of the graphics.

  • Although hand washing is the preferred cleaning method, pressure washing may be used under these conditions.

       • Ensure the water pressure is kept below 2000 psi (14 MPa).

       • Keep water temperature below 80 °C.

       • Use a spray nozzle with a 40-degree wide-angle spray pattern.

       • Keep the nozzle at least 1 foot (300 mm) away from and perpendicular (at 90 degrees).

  • Holding the nozzle of a pressure washer at an angle to graphic may lift the edges of the film.

  • Difficult Contaminants. Soften difficult contaminants such as bug splatter, bird droppings, tree sap and similar contaminants by soaking them for several minutes with very hot, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and dry. If further cleaning is needed, test one of these products in an inconspicuous area to ensure no damage to the graphics. Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) (two parts IPA to 1 part water) or denatured alcohol may also help. Spot clean the contaminants. Do not use rough scrubbing or abrasive tools, which will scratch the film. Wash and rinse off all residue immediately.

  • Fuel Spills. Wipe off immediately to avoid degrading the vinyl and adhesive. Then wash, rinse and dry. 

  • Film RestorationThe following restoration recommendations will help keep your vehicle wraps looking their best.

       • Do no use any abrasive polishes or cutting compounds.

       • Do not use any polishing or wax products on matte or textured films.

       • Use if there is wax or wax residue on the surface, remove with an all-purpose cleaner.

       • Do not allow cleaning solution to soak and immediately rinse with clear water.

  • Store Indoors or Under Cover Whenever Possible.

  • Vinyl graphics (just like paint) are degraded by prolonged exposure to sun and atmospheric pollutants, particularly on the horizontal surfaces such as the hood, trunk lid and roof. Whenever possible, store in a garage or at least in a shaded area during the day. At night protect the car from dew or rain, which may contain acidic pollutants (a common problem in many large metropolitan areas). When a garage is not available, consider using a cloth car cover at night. If your graphics start to discolour or turn brown, immediately remove the graphics from the vehicle to avoid staining the underlying paint.

Care Guide for Magnets

Do vehicles need special preparation before applying vehicle graphics?


Make sure the paint is perfectly clean and dry where the sign is to be placed. Check the back of the sign to make sure it is free of debris.


What is the best way to apply a magnetic sign?


Let one edge of the sign contact the vehicle in the desired position. Let the magnetic power do the work as it puts the sign into place from the edge where you started to the edge of the opposite side. If the sign is not exactly where you want it, peel it off, reposition the starting edge and repeat steps. Make sure that the entire surface of the sign is smooth against the vehicle with no air pockets underneath. During winter the temperature of the sign should be about 10 degrees Celcius during the installation, but the temperature of the vehicle surface does not matter.


Do any surfaces present problems?


Care should be taken with wood grain panelling and metallic finishes. Such surfaces should be checked weekly for the first 90 days of use. Do not put signs on fresh paintwork. Make certain the paint has cured before applying the sign.


What sign maintenance is recommended?


Remove the sign every 3-4 days if possible, cleaning and wiping dry both the magnetic side and the surface of the vehicle. This keeps moisture from collecting, which can potentially damage a vehicle's surface. Keep the sign free of road dirt and debris. Remove the sign after snowfall or rain and wipe dry.




Avoid wrinkling by storing in a 7.5cm diameter roll with the printed side out or store the sign flat. Avoid curls or stress on the signs.




Do not wash your vehicle with signs in place. Vehicles using signs in areas of lawn chemical treatment, saltwater spray, road salt, etc. should be maintained as outlined. Corner rounding prevents dog-eared corners. Custom shapes should utilise rounded contours rather than sharp angles. There is no warranty expressed or implied against loss of signs or damage to vehicle surfaces as the factory has no control over how signs are cared for, altered, stored and/or used, or the surface to which signs are applied.

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ABC Vehicle Graphics Auckland

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Vehicle Signage Care

How we do it:

Our team of experienced and innovative in house designers will work with your vision and your specifications to create a design that is not only eye-catching but also reflects you, your company or your brand. We can work with given templates from you or come up with designs for you depending on your specifications.

If you're not sure exactly what kind of graphics you want for your vehicle yet, don't worry! Our in house designers can guide you through the process with responsive, friendly and understanding customer service.

After you have approved the proof design we produce, we will go ahead and print the graphics and apply them to your vehicle.

Check out some proofs from some of our past work.

We always send you a proof for your approval first and are happy to make any changes to fit your vision!

See our wrapping process in action!

How we do it

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process take?


It will take about 3 to 7 working days in total from the time of ordering. The wrapping itself will only take half a day in most cases, however, the rest of the time is required for us to design and print the graphics so they are perfectly suited to your vehicle and your vision. We will always send a proof before printing for your approval. Depending on the scale of the job and the amount of design required this process can vary. If you provide us with already made designs then this can significantly speed up the process.


Can I get the graphics shipped to me?

Yes you can, but please let us know so we can adjust your order or quote to reflect this as we will not include the cost of installation in the total price if you want the graphics shipped to you, but there will be the cost of shipping instead.


How do I look after my Vehicle Graphics?

Please click here to check out our extensive advice around maintaining and caring for your vehicle graphics.

Can I replace my old and outdated Vehicle Graphics?

Yes, we can remove previous graphics for you and replace them with new graphics.

Can I have reflective Graphics?

Yes, we offer IllumiNITE High Visibility wraps which are highly reflective and make your car's graphics stand out even at night! Click here to read more about this exciting new material. If you would like us to wrap your vehicle with IllumiNITE High Visibility, please tick the box in the Quote Request Form or mention 'IllumiNITE' in your order details.

Thank You For Choosing       Vehicle Graphics

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