Vehicle Signage Care

How To Care For Your New Vehicle Signage

Prolong the life of your vehicle signage by following a few important steps:

The vinyl needs time to set and mould to your vehicle. You may notice some small bubbles or creases in the vinyl. This is normal, and they will disappear in a week or so as the vinyl sets itself in place.

You should avoid washing your vehicle for at least the first two weeks. After this time, you can hand wash the vehicle. Do not use high-pressure hoses (like the ones at commercial car washes). This will cause the vinyl to lift and peel.

Be aware that some companies who advertise "Hand Car Washing" actually use pressure hoses.

When washing your car, make sure you use a standard car washing detergent, as contact with harsh chemicals could affect the vinyl.

One-way vision or signage on the back window: if you have a wiper on the back window, the more you use the wiper, the more chance it will affect the signage.

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